Pro Bono

GRATA International provides regular support to charity funds and educational institutions, cooperates with banks and provides assistance in various legal issues. Around the globe, socially important projects receive Pro Bono legal support. We, therefore, participate in such projects contributing to the development and improvement of our society and business area.

Support to Charity Funds and NGOs


  • Advising ANA UYI Social Fund on various civil law issues.

  • Providing the wards of the IQanat Charity Fund with an opportunity to do an internship in our Astana office.

  • Advising the Association of Parents of Disabled Children (APDC) on various legal issues:

- drafting labour agreements;
- drafting training agreements for APDC staff;
- drafting material liability agreements for APDC staff;
- drafting job descriptions for APDC staff;
- drafting civil law contracts for service provision with various suppliers;
- provision of material assistance to purchase rehabilitation equipment for children with cerebral palsy.  


  • Advising the founder of the Blind Association in the Kyrgyz Republic - Mr Masahiko Takeuchi, on the use of the grant for purposes against the unlawful actions of the Association Director.


  • Representing one of the local NGOs against the mayor of Tbilisi. The dispute involves hotel construction in the Central Park of Tbilisi.

Support to Financial Institutions


  • Development of six questionnaires for the World Bank on various topics, including Insolvency Settlement (Kyrgyzstan), Real Estate Registration (Kyrgyzstan), Enforcement of Contracts (Tajikistan), Promotion of Agriculture Business (Kyrgyzstan), Entering into Contracts with the Government (Kyrgyzstan).
  • Development of two questionnaires for the National Institute for Strategic Studies of the Kyrgyz Republic (NISI KR) on Insolvency Settlement and Performance of Contracts.
  • Development of two questionnaires for the World Justice Project on Civil and Commercial Law and Labour Law.
  • Development of a questionnaire for Debevoise and Plimpton law firm on Personal Data Protection (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan).

Support to Educational Institutions


  • Dvising the Republic Physics and Mathematics School in Almaty on a potential dispute regarding the construction of a new school building.


  • Support of 'Future Leaders' Fund in the preparation of registration documents. The project aims to make a positive difference in the world by educating professionals, who are ready to take responsibility for their decisions, lead people, who burn with the idea of ​​the country’s well-being and inspire others. The project is aimed at supporting talented students. The firm's managing partner, Vladimir Komarov, is the co-founder and mentor of the Fund, gives lectures and presentations for future leaders.

Labour Disputes


  • Representing in court and advising a poor woman on reinstatement in work and recovery of average salary for the period of forced absence.


  • Assistance in employment for a cook from the detained ship Amur - 2501. Assistance in the registration of new sea-going documents for employment by another reliable shipping company. Now, the woman performs her job duties on one of the Russian ships of a large shipping company.
  •  Advising St. Petersburg Wrestling Federation on entering into conclusion contracts for economic activities.



  • Legal due diligence of the validity of applications from entrepreneurs received by the Centre for Public Procedures 'Business against Corruption' under the Business Rights Commissioner in the Rostov Region for the signs of raider seizures, as well as corrupt practices within law enforcement agencies. According to the consideration results and expert opinions of the firm's representatives, the Praesidium of the Centre for Public Procedures decided to refuse/support the applications, for which cause the Business Rights Commissioner in the Rostov Region, Oleg Dereza, directed case files to law enforcement agencies for taking measures, as well as issued opinions to participate in court hearings on the consideration of the applicants' criminal, arbitration and civil cases. Based on the work results for 2015-2016, within the Pro Bono framework, the Managing Partner of Stepanov and Aksyuk Attorneys Office, Igor Stepanov, was awarded a diploma by the RF Presidential Commissioner for Business Rights, Boris Titov.

Link to the diploma

  • Assistance and advice to Irina Samokhvalova in a bankruptcy procedure. The key argument in support of the petition for completing the property sale procedure was that all the activities provided for by the procedure had been fulfilled and there were no prospects for further formation of the bankrupt assets of the debtor; further satisfaction of the creditors' claims was not possible. During the property sale procedure, the court did not establish grounds for not releasing Irina Samokhvalova from existing obligations. Given that, the court ruled to complete the bankruptcy procedure against Irina Samokhvalova.