Senior Lawyer in Finance and Securities (Baku)

A lawyer with legal degree and working experience above 2 years, fluent in both English and Russian languages (both written and oral).


  1. Drawing up contracts and other legal documents;
  2. Researching legal documents and providing legal advice on various matters (directly responsible for Finance and Securities department projects); 
  3. Receive requests for legal advice from current and potential clients and deciding on the most appropriate responses to make to these requests;
  4. Attending the meetings with clients;
  5. Establishing what needs to be done to solve a client’s problems.

  1. Legal degree received from a well regarded local university;
  2. LL.M. degree received from well regarded western universities;
  3. Experience of working for international or local legal or consulting companies;
  4. Fluent in both English and Russian languages (both oral and written);
  5. Ability to work under strict deadlines and in stressful conditions;
  6. Ability to demonstrate that he/she is technically very able across a sufficiently wide area, able to work without significant supervision and have developed a particular strength and reputation in his/her work area;
  7. Ability to work closely with other team members and displaying trust and loyalty;
  8. Ability to manage assigned tasks in an assertive, efficient and timely manner;
  9. Keeping up-to-date with changes in the law.
  1. Attention to details;
  2. Strict discipline;
  3. Analytical thinking;
  4. Professional ethics;
  5. Logical reasoning;
  6. Commercial awareness;
  7. Communication skills.
  1. Finance, Securities; 
  2. General contract law.

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