Gulnur Nurkeyeva will speak at the China Enterprises Going Global Risk Conference

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On 20-21 of March 2018, in Zhuhai, China the China Enterprises Going Global Risk Conference will be held for Chinese transnational companies, organised by the China Industrial Overseas Development Association. 

The annual Conference attracts more than 3500 participants and about 100 speakers from all over the World. The event is aimed at the internationalised Chinese companies operating at the global level. The risks of doing business outside of China will be discussed at the Conference.

GRATA International will be represented by the Head of China desk Gulnur Nurkeyeva. She will speak about investment and legal risks of Chinese companies in Central Asia.

Chinese enterprises and government organisations are always longing for the most direct, fresh information about risks for global, regional markets in relation to China outbound investment.

To find out more about the conference, please follow the link: www.jiangtai.com

Gulnur Nurkeyeva

Head of China Desk