For more than 25 years GRATA International has collaborated with international and local companies in all sectors of the economy, contributing to the organisation and the success of their activities in the Asian and European regions. 

We offer a full range of legal services to assist and advise our clients. Our high level of performance and acknowledgement by our clients is confirmed by high ratings in respectable publications such as the The Legal 500, Chambers Global, Chambers Asia­Pacific, IFLR1000, Who’s Who Legal, Asia Law Profiles. Combining the strength of all our industry sectors we have created what we believe is a leading practice for assisting in establishing a strong legal presence and further support in the transport business. 

We have established a true partnership with team spirit, creativity and youthful energy that gives us a unique style of working. Constant self-improvement and focus on cost effective success are the basis of our team development strategy. Our team consists of more than 250 highly qualified lawyers, who can resolve legal issues quickly and skillfully; no matter how complex the issue might be. 

We are keen to assist our clients to control their expenditures in a complex economical environment, and always try to add maximum value to our advice. A reasonable pricing policy allows our customers to obtain quality services at a reasonable price.

Our Transport team will support and guide you through rapidly changing environment of Kazakhstani and Central Asian markets and help you to evaluate risks as well as opportunities.

Our services include:

  • Licensing and permits;
  • Competition and regulatory requirements;
  • Property acquisition and registration;
  • Finance and leasing;
  • Taxation, customs and transfer pricing;
  • Corporate structuring;
  • Registration of legal entities;
  • Drafting and negotiating commercial agreements;
  • Labour;
  • Advising on environmental law issues;
  • Dispute resolution and mediation;
  • Insolvency and restructuring;
  • Legal structuring of complex projects 
and much more. 



For 25 years GRATA International has collaborated with international and local companies in all sectors of the economy, contributing to the organization and the success of their activities in the Asian and European regions. 


  • Due diligence of a major mobile phone operator of Azerbaijan prior to the acquisition of a facility; 
  • Providing legal advice on IP Telephony regulations to a Chinese investment holding company;
  • Advising an international Chinese company, a manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and systems, (branch office in Baku) on employment contracts;
  • Advising a Swedish telecommunications equipment company on the import of IT equipment; 
  • Advising the main American cable and satellite TV channel on licencing matters;
  • Providing legal services on various matters to a German multinational software corporation;
  • Advising Caspian SAT Company on matters of obtaining a licence;
  • Advising SAP company (through SAP AZ LLC) on various legal matters, including contracts, tax and customs law;
  • Providing legal support to a leading world company that developed the electronic platform for drivers and passengers in corporate, tax, and financial legal matters

  • Advising a global transportation company on the requirement of cash registers on its vehicles;
  • Advising a regional cargo carrier on antitrust matters and obtaining acquisition clearance from state regulators;
  • Advising a global passenger carrier on conducting a promotional lottery;
  • Legal support and representation of an aircraft manufacturer in signing contracts for operational and financial leasing of aircraft, which also included pledge of aircraft in the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Advising and representation of a truck distribution company on pre


  • Providing legal support to an Austrian data processing company in the process of participating in tender proceedings, participation in negotiating the contract terms and analysis of certain aspects of its implementation from the legal point of view; 
  • Advising a Belarusian IT company on matters of entering the Israeli market;
  • Providing legal support to a Belarusian IT company of Israeli origin in the course of project implementation for organising a communications system with a single point of access in Belarus;
  • Advising the Belarusian subsidiary of a US-based IT company producing fitness wearable devices on registration of subsidiary, development of commercial secrets protection framework, drafting software development agreements, advising on matters of assigning rights to software;
  • Representing a leading world company that developed the electronic platform for drivers and passengers on legal and government relations on entering the Belarusian market;
  • Advising one of the world's leading producers of networking and telecommunications equipment. Drafting a legal opinion on fulfilment of the contract for providing engineering services, drafting guarantee agreement, conducting a legal analysis of labour relations and developing a plan for minimising risks of legislation violation in this sphere;
  • Advising the Minsk office of a German company on the issues of cooperation with the Belarusian office developing software products and issues of transfer of rights to the developed software.

  • Representing a prominent German transportation and logistics company acting as the defendant in a dispute with a Belarusian company facing bankruptcy; 
  • Representing a national oil trade leader and conducting legal expert examination on certain aspects of performance of the oil transportation contract with a foreign company, on the contract violation by the counter party. Advising on the possible options of mitigating damages and representing in the arbitration proceedings; 
  • Representing the Belarusian office of the European company which provides car-rental services worldwide. This included legal support in the dispute on the enforcement of the contract on the re-purchase of the vehicles that were bought for leasing;
  • Representing a Slovakian transportation company in a dispute related to the recovery of debts and penalties under the contract of the international carriage of goods and forwarding services;
  • Representing a Belarusian transportation company on collecting debts from its German counterparts. This involved cooperation with our German legal partner;
  • Supporting a leading Slovak freight forwarding, logistics and customs services provider on the full process of debt recovery from a Belarusian counterpart starting from negotiations to enforcement of the court decision;
  • Advising a German logistics company on obtaining rights for use and adaptation of the corporate software, developed by another German company. 

  • Providing legal services to a large company which provides mobile payments on the Czech market;
  • Supporting a company during its expansion to foreign markets;
  • Participating in a project for entering into contracts using mobile applications;
  • Providing legal support to Impact Hub Company - advising on projects in mobile applications. 

  • Legal support to a public transportation company for reconstruction of tram tracks and possible subsidies repayment;
  • Legal advising of Technical Administration of Route Network on public procurements in transportation;
  • Providing legal services to the Region of Liberec for its public transportation;
  • Legal administration of public procurements for a Prague public transportation company. 

  • Providing services to Mediapro Georgia Ltd on implementation of the Mobile Number Portability Project in Georgia;
  • Representing one of the local telecommunications companies in a tax dispute.


  • Advising the world's largest telecommunications company headquartered in China on establishing their legal presence in Kazakhstan, including licencing, corporate structuring and asset acquisition;
  • Advising a group of Middle Eastern investors on acquisition of shares in a Kazakhstani telecommunications company, including due diligence, corporate structuring, regulatory and licencing advice;
  • Advising one of the leading producers of mobile phones on antitrust and customer protection issues in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan;
  • Advising the largest telecommunications company in Kazakhstan on public listing of shares, including legal due diligence;
  • Due diligence of a Kazakhstani mobile phone operator as a part of an M&A transaction with a focus on the permits of state agencies of Kazakhstan;
  • Advising a leading world provider of new generation telecommunications networks on corporate restructuring;
  • Advising a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment on tax issues in a proposed consortium with another company;
  • Advising a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment on enforcement of arbitration awards in the territory of Kazakhstan;
  • Advising a major supplier of telecommunications equipment on risks, related to contracts with offshore companies;
  • Advising an international supplier of telecommunications equipment and mobile phones on enforcement procedures, related to resolving international trade disputes in Kazakhstan;
  • Advising a telecommunications company, implementing a project in the territory of Kazakhstan on matters related to the legal status of optical cables in accordance with Kazakhstan law;
  • Advising a major international telecommunications company on customs law and legal support for customs audit.

  • Advising an international airline headquartered in Germany on drafting and negotiating commercial agreements, tax, corporate and other issues, representing interests in local courts;
  • Advising a leading world transportation service on launching their service in Kazakhstan, including licensing, tax and other issues, drafting commercial agreements, negotiations with state authorities;
  • Advising the leading Kazakh airline on financing acquisitions of aircraft and aircraft engines, customs and tax regulations and general commercial issues;
  • Advising an international airline headquartered in Central Europe on customs and tax regulations in Kazakhstan, cooperation with local partners and state authorities, corporate restructuring, drafting general commercial agreements;
  • Advising a major international airline on establishing its legal presence in Kazakhstan and tax reporting;
  • Advising an international manufacturer of passenger trains on establishing their legal presence in Kazakhstan, customs and tax issues, operations in the territory of a Special Economic Zone and construction of production facilities;
  • Advising a leading helicopter services company on corporate restructuring and labour law requirements; representing interests in disputes against state authorities on labour and tax issues;
  • Advising an international industry association of airlines on general regulatory requirements in Kazakhstan and real estate matters, including leases, tax and corporate law issues;
  • Advising a major international producer of vehicles headquartered in Sweden on financing of operations in Kazakhstan and cooperation with local distributors and partners, tax and customs issues;
  • Advising a subsidiary of a Kazakh leading financial group on construction of a plant producing railway equipment, including drafting international commercial contracts, consultations on cooperation with state authorities and general regulatory issues; 
  • Advising a leading German bank on the sale of two aircraft to the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Advising an international financial consultant on funding for leasing aircraft engines to an airline in Kazakhstan, including advice on financing structure, drafting financing agreements and issuing a legal opinion;
  • Advising a US lessor of commercial aircraft on leasing an aircraft to a Kazakh company;
  • Advising an international transportation company on matters of foreign loans debt collection in Turkmenistan and registration of bare-boat charter under the flag of Turkmenistan;
  • Advising a Kazakh transportation company on financing for purchasing aircraft with in the Republic of Kazakhstan, including structuring and drafting financing agreements;
  • Advising a top-tier transportation company headquartered in France on construction of a modern turnkey tram-line in Astana, including advice on regulations applicable to “Astana New City” Special Economic Zone. 


  • Advising a global telecommunications company on acquiring frequency licences of a local GSM mobile operator. Due diligence of a local GSM mobile operator;
  • Advising a major local mobile operator on structuring of its subsidiary and transfer of rights to land plots;
  • Advising a global telecommunications operator on personal data privacy regulation; 
  • Advising a British telecommunications company on potential acquisition of a major local GSM mobile operator. Due diligence of local GSM mobile operator;
  • Advising the largest Dutch telecommunications company on matters related to roaming and data protection in Kyrgyzstan;
  • Advising a Swedish telecommunications company on share purchase transaction and antitrust clearance; 

  • Advising Deutsche Bahn on acquisition of major logistic company;
  • Advising EBRD on Bishkek Bus project (loan transaction);
  • Advising Ukrainian and Kazakh companies on structuring and obtaining all approvals, permits, consents for establishing a transport and logistics hub;
  • Advising an international financial organisation (IFC) on implementation of a road tolling project in Kyrgyzstan.  

  • Drafting commercial documents, including confidentiality and privacy policy for the e-platform of an innovative multi-brand loyalty programme in Poland;
  • Advising a major mobile phone service provider in the process of negotiating contracts with 3 out of 4 major Polish telecom operators (Orange, Play, Polkomtel - Plus);
  • Advising a multinational insurance company and its Swedish branch on entering onto the Polish market and establishing cooperation with one of the major telecommunications companies on the Polish market.
  • Advising a major local mobile phone operator on tariff for incoming international transit traffic;
  • Due diligence of a major local mobile phone operator;
  • Advising the largest Dutch telecommunications company on matters, related to roaming and data protection.


  • Providing comprehensive legal services to the largest Polish aircraft maintenance organisation: advising on corporate and commercial issues out-of-court dispute settlement;
  • Providing comprehensive legal services to a Polish aircraft engine maintenance and overhaul organisation: legal advice with respect to corporate and commercial issues;
  • Providing comprehensive legal support to a Polish touroperator and charter flights provider: advising on corporate and commercial issues, litigations and regulatory matters related to the supervision by Civil Aviation Authority;
  • Conducting comprehensive legal due diligence of a Polish air carrier on behalf of one of its shareholders;
  • Advising a Polish transportation company on employment and regulatory requirements for applicable legal forms of cooperation with Polish drivers;
  • Drafting a new general terms agreement for aircraft base maintenance for Poland's largest aircraft maintenance organisation. 

  • Successful representing the interests of a Russian subsidiary of one of the major global entertainment channels in a series of disputes on enforcement and recovery of debt under the licence agreements with cable operators for the amount of over RUB 60 million;
  • Protecting the interests of Housing Cooperative “Kropotkina 108" in a dispute against the competition authority and the largest Russian telecom operator - MTS. The Russian Supreme Court cancelled the judicial acts of three arbitration instances. This Supreme Court precedent stopped the practice of prosecution of housing cooperatives throughout Russia;
  • Successfully protecting the interests of Tayga info, one of the leading information and analytical Internet resources of the Siberian region in the dispute initiated by Zhilfond, the largest regional real estate agency for protection of business reputation in connection with an article placed on the website;
  • Advising a well-known investor and public figure in a dispute against NGS-News online news-channel related to the protection of honour, dignity and business reputation, retraction of the information disseminated in the article on the NGS website, and for collection of compensation for moral harm. The judgment was passed in favour of the client;
  • Providing comprehensive advice to SEO Agency of Internet Marketing - YAL Studio on business issues, analysis and drafting of contracts, representation in litigation related to the activities of the agency. 


  • Representation of Sibresurs LLC, a company engaged in transportation and sale of fuel, in a dispute with an authority on additional taxes, penalties and fines charge; 
  • Representation of a carrier company in disputes for the recovery of debts under contracts for transportation of sand and gravel mixtures for approximately USD 40000;
  • Providing legal tax support to one of the largest transportation-logistical companies in Russia;
  • Advising a road transportation company on drafting a complaint to anti-monopoly authorities and filing a lawsuit in arbitration court with demands to declare an auction illegal;
  • Representing a passenger transportation company in a series of litigations in the Federal Antimonopoly Service and arbitration tribunals on illegal restriction of access to the transportation services market. As a result of these litigations, the client was given access to the market and was included in the register of carriers. 

  • Advising a leading Ukrainian stevedore company on leasing of state property, tax and corporate disputes;
  • Advising American Transportation Products company on contractual issues;
  • Advising a Ukrainian shipping company on contractual issues;
  • Advising an association of Ukrainian travel agents on competition issues;
  • Advising a private investor on contractual issues related to yacht construction

  • Advising a Sweden-based mobile communications operator on issues related to licensing 3G networks in Uzbekistan and transfer, storage, processing and disclosure of professional and private information about its local subsidiary employees;
  • Advising a Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer on matters of mandatory installation and maintenance of SOIM (system for operative and investigative activities) at mobile communications networks of local operators;
  • Advising and ensuring compliance with local antimonopoly legislation, including obtaining the authorisation of the state anti-monopoly committee, on sale by a Japanese telecommunications company of its 24% interest in the company, holding 26% of the market (wired Internet) and its 49% interest in a Company holding 70% of the market (wireless Internet);
  • Advising a European telecommunications company on matters of telecommunications licencing, specifically, designing, building and operating data transmission networks; 
  • Advising a Chinese telecommunications corporation on matters related to obtaining a permit to use certain radio frequencies for the company's internal purposes;
  • Advising a leading Chinese telecommunications company on matters related to obtaining the permits for the import, sale and operation of certain types of telecommunications equipment by mobile operators, including providing practical assistance in obtaining permits from the Centre for Electromagnetic Compatibility of Devices to import certain types of devices into Uzbekistan;
  • Consulting with the consortium of Japanese and Korean companies on issues related to provision of telecommunications services on wireless data transfer networks; 
  • Advising a European telecommunications company on matters related to operation of data transmission networks and on cooperation between data transmission networks operators;
  • Advising a leading Chinese telecommunications company on the use of devices for cryptographic protection of information by operators of data transmission networks;
  • Advising Uzbekenergo CJSC on designing telecommunications networks (data transmission, radio and telephone communications) in the construction of the steam and gas unit at Syrdarya thermal power plant;
  • Advising an Israeli company on matters related to construction, installation and use of data transmission antennas for mobile network phone operators.


  • Advising a German international automobile manufacturer on purchasing an automobile manufacturing plant in Kazakhstan by its Uzbekistani JV;
  • Assisting Minda Automotive Company, an Indian vehicle spare parts manufacturer, on organising an investment project in Navoi Special Industrial and Economic Zone, including establishing a company in the Navoi SIEZ;
  • Assisting GM Uzbekistan LLC JV, an Uzbek vehicle manufacturer, on hiring foreign personnel in Uzbekistan;
  • Assisting General Motors Power train Company, a US car engine manufacturer, on signing an investment agreement with the Government of Uzbekistan and establishing a JV in Tashkent;
  • Carrying out due diligence of a local subsidiary of a Pakistani transportation company for compliance with licensing, corporate, employment and foreign currency regulations;
  • Advising a Korean construction corporation on constructing an international road in Uzbekistan, including contract, foreign currency regulations and tax matters;
  • Advising a German international transportation company on licensing domestic and international transportation and certain customs activities in Uzbekistan;
  • Advising a EU-based international transportation corporation on its takeover of a UAE-based international transportation company with subsidiaries in Uzbekistan, advising on antimonopoly compliance, transfer of transportation and customs warehouse licenses;
  • Advising a Polish international transportation company on the transportation of hazardous materials (chemicals) through the territory of Uzbekistan;
  • Advising a US-based private corporation on transit of military products through the territory of Uzbekistan to the territory of Afghanistan. 
Name Position Contacts
Yerzhan Yessimkhanov Partner, Head of Telecommunication & Transport, Construction & Infrastructure Department Inquire
Bakhodir Jabborov Managing Partner Inquire
Samat Daumov Managing Partner, Branch Director Inquire
Nodir Yuldashev Partner, Construction, Telecommunications, Transport, Tax and Litigation Inquire
Kanat Seidaliev Partner, Office Director Inquire
Zaira Kaysar Partner, Branch Director in Atyrau and Aktobe Inquire
Yevgeniy Gorokhov Head of Dispute Resolution Department, Attorney at law, GRATA International (Moscow) Inquire
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Yerzhan Yessimkhanov has been named among the best real estate lawyers in Who’s Who Legal 2018

We are proud to announce that Yerzhan Yessimkhanov, partner and head of GRATA International’s Real Estate, Construction & Insfrastructure, Telecommunications & Transport departments, has been named among the best real estate lawyers in the world and featured in WWL 2018: Real Estate for the second consecutive year. 


Administration of Almaty has officially announced public tender for participation in Almaty Light Rail Transport (LRT) Project

On 29 August 2018, the Administration of Almaty (Almaty Mayor’s Office) has officially announced the public tender for participation in PPP project for development of design specification, construction, commissioning, financing, operation and technical maintenance of Almaty Light-Rail Transportation System (the “Project”).


Implementation of projects in the area of Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

The rapid development of the energy sector in the Republic of Kazakhstan forced the state to actively focus on creating conditions for the use of renewable energy sources. EXPO-2017 have become an additional incentive for the development of renewable energy projects. However, the renewable energy sector is, relatively young in Kazakhstan and there are a number of issues that need to be discussed. Some of them we would like to discuss below.


GRATA International in Legal 500 EMEA 2017

GRATA International entered the ranks of best law firms across 5 countries: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.


GRATA International wins 2016 China Business Law Awards

For another consecutive year, GRATA receives award "Energy&Natural Resources" category


Asialaw Profiles 2017 ranked GRATA International among the best law firms in Kazakhstan

Asialaw Profiles – the guide to Asia-Pacific’s leading lawyers  and law firms has identified key legal practitioners in Kazakhstan


GRATA International advised Uber in connection with launch of their business in Kazakhstan

On 10 June 2016, there was the presentation of Uber service in Astana (Kazakhstan). The services of one of the most popular on-line services in the world, a company valued over than 62.5 bln US dollars and having covered over 70 countries for the recent 7 years is now available in Kazakhstan. 


Review of main changes in the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan related to the accession to the World Trade Organization

We would like to draw your attention to some important changes in the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding the country's accession to the World Trade Organization.


GRATA International received China Business Law Awards 2015

China Business Law Journal released winners of “China Business Law Awards 2015” in its second issue for 2016


Activity of Chinese companies in Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Azerbaijan and Eastern Europe

We note that the views expressed below are preliminary and may require further research and analysis. We also note that below information shall not be considered as a legal advice, and is provided as a general overview of business activity from the standpoint of legal consultant.


Yerzhan Yessimkhanov commented to China Business Law Journal (November 2015)

Yerzhan Yessimkhanov, Partner, Head of Telecommunications and Transport, Construction and Infrastructure (TTCI) department of GRATA International Almaty (Kazakhstan), commented to China Business Law Journal (November 2015)


Technology, Media and Telecommunications Review 2015 for Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Lawyers of GRATA International, including Yerzhan Yessimkhanov, Partner (Kazakhstan), Assel Kalmagambetova, Senior Lawyer (Kazakhstan) and Nodir Yuldashev, Partner (Uzbekistan) contributed for the Technology, Media and Telecommunications Review 2015.


GRATA International received high appraisals from Asialaw profiles in 2016

GRATA International was reviewed by Asialaw profiles 2016 as one of the leading experts and a premier law firm in Kazakhstan.


Kazakhstan launches privatization of 60 largest state-owned companies

In September 2015 Kazakhstani Government announced that in furtherance to large-scale privatization program being realized in Kazakhstan over the last couple of years, 60 major state-owned companies will become private before 1 January 2018


GRATA Representatives took part in the Business Meeting of Malaysian and Kazakhstani Petroleum Companies

On 8 June 2015, in Almaty there was a business meeting of representatives of Malaysian and Kazakhstani oil-and-gas companies.


GRATA Law Firm representatives took part in China-Russia Oil & Gas Forum which was held on 25-26 March 2015 in Beijing

China-Russia Oil & Gas Forum gathered to discuss implementation of infrastructure projects and investment opportunities in the area of production and transportation of oil and gas in Russia, China and Central Asia.


The Technology, Media and Telecommunications Review in Kazakhstan

Development in the ICT sector is one of the top priorities of the Kazakh government.


GRATA Law Firm is recommended as one of the Leading law firms by Asialaw Profiles

Asialaw Profiles is a comprehensive guide to the leading domestic and regional law firms in the Asia-Pacific region.


Yerzhan Yessimkhanov, Partner at GRATA Law Firm, took part in the meeting with business community in Ukraine, organized by the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova in Kiev

Yerzhan Yessimkhanov, Partner at GRATA Law Firm, took part in the meeting with business community in Ukraine, organized by the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova in Kiev on 14 August 2014.


GRATA Law Firm has acted as a legal adviser for the project of reorganization of system of special economic zones in Kazakhstan

GRATA Law Firm as a member of group of consultants has acted as a legal adviser for the project of reorganization of system of special economic zones (SEZ) in Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan adopted the new Rules on Entitlement of Airline Companies to Performance of Regular Internal Commercial Air Transportations

On 25 February 2013 Kazakhstan adopted the new Rules on Entitlement of Airline Companies to Performance of Regular Internal Commercial Air Transportations (the 'Rules').


International specialized exhibition expo-2017

National Plan on Organization and Holding International Specialized Exhibition EXPO-2017 has been adopted in Kazakhstan. In line with GRATA Law Firm’s practice of keeping clients informed of important legal developments that might influence their business, we would like to draw your attention to the recent changes in Kazakh legislation in connection with preparation for International Specialized Exhibition EXPO-2017.


Partners of GRATA Law Firm contributed to the Globe Law and Business Catalogue 2013

GRATA Partners Mr. Yerzhan Yessimkhanov (Kazakhstan) and Mr. Samir Hadjiyev (Azerbaijan) have contributed to the recently issued Globe Law and Business Catalogue 2013.


Legal Aspects of Aircraft Leasing in Kazakhstan

Airlines and other aircraft operators lease aircrafts to operate aircrafts without the financial burden of buying them as well as to provide a temporary increase in capacity.

The Technology, Media & Telecommunications Review 2017: Kazakhstan

GRATA International Kazakhstan contributed to the The Law Review series - The Technology, Media & Telecommunications Review 2017 with the chapter on Kazakhstan. 

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