Intellectual property (IP) is one of a company's most valuable assets. But in a world where piracy and the unlawful use of intellectual property are widespread, its registration and protection are strategically important and crucial to the abolition of unfair competition.

GRATA's IP specialists successfully combine theory and specific case practice in the field of intellectual property that is intended for the protection of our clients’ rights.

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  • Assisting with the registration of trademarks and copyright of an international investment fund specializing in the development and acquisition of technology used in the exploration and production of oil and gas; 
  • Preparing and submitting objection letters to the Board of Appeal regarding a refusal to register a world famous luxury brand of clothing and accessories; 
  • Preparing recommendations based on the results of informational searches for identical and similar trademarks for a Kazakh private airline; 
  • Registration of trademarks of national and foreign banks, education institutions and major producers of tea and coffee products, as well as other trade brands in various countries worldwide; 
  • Consultations on trademark infringement and invalidation and further protection of the IP rights of a famous confectionary brand, a pharmaceutical company, and manufacturers of industrial goods, soft drinks and automobiles in the Board of Appeal and the courts;

International Registration of a Trademark

Informational Search for Trademarks. Informational search for trademarks for a foreign food manufacturer.

International Registration of a Trademark. The international registration of trademarks for Kazakhstani bank, national net of clothing stores, national mobile operator, Irani paints manufacturer.


  • registration of copyright in computer programs, databases, literature and stage pieces of national authors.

Due Diligence of Intellectual Property

  • Due diligence of the IP rights of a Kazakhstani mobile operator in the context of its placing shares on the London Stock Exchange; 
  • Due diligence of the IP rights of a leading international logistics company as part of a multijurisdictional M&A transaction for a German company;
  • Conducting due diligence of trademarks and drugs certificate for an international pharmaceutical company.

Commercialisation of Intellectual Property

  • Analysing license agreements, assignment contracts and franchise agreements for the transfer of trademark rights of a global car components manufacturer, a cosmetic products and brand clothes manufacturer, as well as a world famous manufacturer of household products; 
  • Consultation on the legal requirements for drafting a valid assignment contract concerning the use of industrial property objects; 
  • Franchising consultations, drafting, compilation, analysis and registration of franchising agreements for a world famous hotel chain; 
  • Advising one of the major Internet-auctions of the Republic of Kazakhstan on data protection issues; 
  • Registration and maintenance of assignment contracts for a major Kazakhstani telecommunications operator;
  • Drafting, registration and providing further advice on franchising agreements with Kazakhstani franchisees for a U.S. franchisor of frozen yogurt retail stores, a French retail clothing company, and an international design clothing manufacturer. 
  • Providing legal opinions regarding the analysis of various documents of title and other disputed matters, as well as Consultations on registration of trademark license agreements for an American energy drinks manufacturer;

Pre-Trial Protection of IP Rights

  • preparation of warning letters from foreign and domestic companies to violators of their IP rights;
  • supporting the project for the protection of IP rights for foreign companies producing cosmetic products by identifying and bringing the violators to liability.

Representation in Courts

  • illegal use of the invention of a national producer of plastic products;
  • illegal disclaimer of the trademarks of foreign pharmaceutical companies;
  • illegal use of the trademarks of national pharmaceutical companies;
  • appealing a claim for the unlawful use of a Eurasian patent by a national producer of locking and sealing devices;
  • invalidation of a Eurasian patent in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan of a national producer of locking and sealing devices;
  • cancellation of the decision not to use a trademark by a foreign pharmaceutical company.

Protection of Intellectual Property at the Border

  • Advising a leading multinational manufacturer of various goods on the protection of IP rights at the border;
  • Preparing legal opinions for a British oil company regarding parallel import issues;
  • Preparation of memorandums on trademark protection rights at the customs border for a leading beauty products manufacturer;
  • Co-operating with the state IP Department and the courts of Kazakhstan in destroying a counterfeiter’s goods and subjecting him to liability for his actions, of which our client, a famous FMCG company, was a victim;
  • Co-operating with the state IP Department and customs authorities of Kazakhstan in destroying counterfeit goods at the border as part of the same project.
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Saule Akhmetova Partner, Branch Director Inquire
Atabek Sharipov Partner, Head of Turkmenistan Practice, Head of Banking & Secured Transactions in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan Inquire
Aizhan Mukhammad Counsel, Kazakh Patent Attorney # 120 Inquire
Nargiza Turgunova Associate Inquire
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GRATA's Intellectual Property Team successfully protected the rights of a leading global manufacturer of insulation materials

In late 2013, lawyers from GRATA's Intellectual Property Team successfully protected the rights of a leading global manufacturer of insulation materials.


Alterations and Amendments in the Legislation of Kazakhstan on Intellectual Property

GRATA Law Firm presents you an overview of the Law of the RK № 537-IV "On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on issues of intellectual property" on January 12, 2012.

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