The labour law practice shows that employment relations for the employer can be divided into three basic stages:

1) hiring stage;

2) changing working conditions, if required;

3) termination of employment agreements.

Proper performance and documentation allow employers to avoid most of these stages and the legal risks associated with the relations with employees. Therefore, we are pleased to offer you our services in developing the internal instruction that will serve as a practical guide for HR specialists of your company and include a step-by-step description of the procedures for hiring, changing working conditions, and dismissing employees.

Let us focus on the fact that the instructions, in addition to the obligatory requirements of the legislation, contain many provisions of practical use and are aimed at minimising the risks to employers during these stages.

In particular, these instructions contain recommendations, which may help the employer:

  • avoid hiring employees who have had a negative experience with their previous employers;

  • fully evaluate the qualifications and professional capacity of an employee during a trial period;

  • have real leverage on unfair employees;

  • terminate employment agreements with employees taking into account restrictions and regulations specified by law for some categories of employees, etc.


  • Development of the Instruction for representative offices of several major pharmaceutical companies, and for an Italian-Netherlands manufacturer of confectionery.
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