Being the largest among CIS countries with immense opportunities for business, according to annual World Bank reports, Russia has made the most progress among the biggest emerging economies in implementing policies to improve its investment climate in recent years.

The uniform customs territory in the framework of the Customs Union as well close cultural links between Kazakhstan and Russia and their common historic heritage are the main drivers for strong economic cooperation between the two countries and permanent growth for trade turnover and mutual investments.

Having been on cutting edge of the developments ever since its establishment and constantly striving to extend the scope of its services available to clients, in 2013 GRATA opened its office in Moscow.

Establishing a stronger presence in Russia, GRATA International opened associate offices in: Novosibirsk - December 2016, Samara  - January 2017 and Kazan - March 2017.  

Extensive, internationally recognized expertise in providing legal support to investors in connection with cross-border M&A and financial transactions, capital markets projects and project finance in the Central Asia region and the ability to handle the most complex multi-jurisdictional assignments in cost-efficient manner while delivering high-quality results are the key strengths that we are fully implementing in Russia.


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Brochure: Doing business in Russia

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Alexey Aksuk Senior Partner, Attorney at law Inquire
Yury Boldyrev Partner Inquire
Evgeniya Bondarenko Managing Partner Inquire
Almat Daumоv Partner, Head of Natural Resources Department, Representative GRATA International (Moscow) Inquire
Yana Dianova Director of Corporate and Commercial Law Department, GRATA International (Moscow) Inquire
Kseniia Gain Managing Partner Inquire
Denis Gerasimov Partner Inquire
Yevgeniy Gorokhov Head of Dispute Resolution Department, Attorney at law, GRATA International (Moscow) Inquire
Vladimir Komarov Managing Partner Inquire
Inna Makarova Partner, Attorney at law Inquire
Dmitry Samigullin Managing Partner Inquire
Denis Shestakov Partner Inquire
Dmitry Sobolev Partner, Attorney at law Inquire
Andrei Soukhomlinov Managing Partner, Office Director, GRATA International (Moscow) Inquire
Igor Stepanov Managing Partner Inquire
Eldar Ziatdinov Director of Tax Law Department, GRATA International (Moscow) Inquire
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Contribution to Property Will Help to Save on Taxes

Here is a good news for companies: On 22 September 2017, members of the State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted a bill that introduced amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation through third reading. 


New Requirements for Registration of Legal Entity

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation issued an order (No. 135n, dated 25 August 2017), according to which the list of information about a legal entity, peasant (farm) economy, individual registered as IE  posted on the official FTS website is subject to change.


New Rules for Liquidation of Legal Entities

The Civil Code provides for the obligation of participants to determine the period for liquidation of a legal entity (Article 62.3 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). Until 1 September 2017, however, there were no restrictions on determining the time limit or consequences for non-observing thereof established by the legislator. 


Changes Regarding On-Site Audits

At the end of July, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation issued a Ruling in case No. A19-916/2016, which put an end to the issue of tax authorities competence to check the working computers and software of legal entities during the on-site audits. Now, tax authorities can check the contents of taxpayers' computers during audits.


Disclosure of Information on Beneficiaries

On 18 August 2017, Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 913, dated 31July 2017 came into effect. According to the Decree, legal entities shall disclose the information about their beneficiaries upon requests of tax authorities and the Federal Financial Monitoring Service (hereinafter - the 'Rosfinmonitoring').


The Federal Tax Service Strengthens Control over Taxpayers

In order to toughen the liability for business for 'fraud' with taxes and formation of the evidentiary basis of the taxpayer's intent of tax underpayment, a Letter of the Federal Tax Service of Russia (hereinafter - the 'FTS') No. ED-4-2/ ​13650 dated 13 July 2017 was developed. 


Associate office of GRATA International in Samara RBL became a partner of the large industrial park of the Samara region

Associate office of GRATA International in Samara RBL law office became a partner of the large industrial park of the Samara region


Проверка российского контрагента перед сделкой

Статья управляющего партнера Ассоциированного офиса GRATA International в Новосибирске (Россия) USCONSALT Евгении Бондаренко о проверке российского контрагента перед сделкой.


Как предъявить иск в суд к российской компании

Статья управляющего партнера Ассоциированного офиса GRATA International в Новосибирске (Россия) USCONSALT Евгении Бондаренко о соблюдении ряда обязательных требований при принятии процессуального обращения арбитражным судом Российской Федерации. 


Blocking of Internet sites and regulation of messengers in Russia: legal developments

Amendments to the Federal Law No. 149-FZ of 27 July 2006 "On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection", which came into force on 1 October  2017, provide, inter alia, for the administrative procedure for restricting access to copies of Internet sites blocked by a decision of the Moscow City Court in connection with the repeated and illegal  placement of information containing copyright and (or) related rights, or information necessary to get access thereto (so-called mirror sites).


В Новосибирске прошла Межрегиональная практическая конференция для бизнеса «Государственно-частное партнерство. Просто о сложном»

11-12 октября 2017 года, ассоциированный офис GRATA International в Новосибирске ЮСКОНСАЛТ совместно с Правительством Новосибирской области и Ассоциации Юристов России организовали межрегиональную практическую конференцию для бизнеса «Государственно-частное партнерство. Просто о сложном».


White-Collar Crime Practice

GRATA International is launching a new practice in Russia - White-Collar Crime. In keeping with GRATA International's practice of informing about important legal developments that might affect their business, we highlight the impact of criminal law on business in Russian Federation.


Law on innovation scientific and technological centres in Russia

Federal Law No. 216-FZ of 29 July 2017 "On Innovative Scientific and Technological Centers and on Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation", which entered into force on 10 August 2017, regulates relations arising in connection with establishments of innovative scientific and technological centres (ISTC) and their functioning.


The International Comparative Legal Guide series - Franchise 2018: Russia

GRATA International Moscow office contributed to the International Comparative Legal Guide series - Franchise 2018 with the chapter on Russia. 


Legislative Developments In Regulation Of Online Media In Russia

The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) held a seminar on the organisation of activities of web publications with the participation of the Roskomnadzor legal experts and the representative of the RU/RF Domain Coordination Centre. The recent changes in legislation were discussed in detail, including the procedure for registration of  an online media as a mass media, as well as requirements for founders and chief editors of mass media, specifics of registration and administration of Internet domain names and law enforcement practices in connection with violations of the laws on information and mass media.

Changes in the legislation on foreign investments in Russian companies of strategic importance

On July 30, 2017 the amendments to the Federal Laws "On Foreign Investments in the Russian Federation" and "On the Procedure for Making Foreign Investments in Companies of Strategic Importance for National Defense and State Security" came into force, in particular, clarifying the notion of a foreign investor and supplementing the list of activities of strategic importance for the national defense and state security, as well as establishing new consequences of non-compliance by foreign investors of the obligation to submit information to the competent authority on the acquisition of 5 percent and more of the shares (stakes) of the strategic company.


Administrative liability of manufacturers, contractors and sellers in Russia: legal developments

On 30 July 2017, amendments to the Code of Administrative Violations of the Russian Federation introduced by the Federal Law No. 175-FZ dated 18 July 2017, came into force. The amendments establish special administrative liability for the failure of the manufacturer (contractor, seller, or a person acting as a foreign manufacturer) to take measures for harm prevention in case of circulation products that do not meet the requirements of technical regulations. 

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