GRATA's Environmental Law Department has won the court proceedings for the benefit of a subsoil user

In January 2014, the Environmental Law Department has won the court proceedings for the benefit of a subsoil user. The first-instance court has denied the environmental authority to recover environmental damages caused by dust emissions.

About the Environmental Law Department 

Environmental Law Department of GRATA Law Firm includes professionals which not only have a substantial experience in dispute resolution, but also possess deep theoretical background in the area of environmental law which is necessary to professionally handle complex environmental cases.

Our Head of Environmental Law Department is Leila Makhmetova, who over a number of years was giving lectures to students of Almaty Law Academy of the Kazakh Humanitarian Law University. Leila Makhmetova is a Candidate of Legal Sciences and an author of over than 50 specialised articles. Many of her students are now working in sectors directly connected with law enforcement, including courts and environmental authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

With extensive experience in settling issues related to various environmental violations of environmental law GRATA is offering you a package of services that will assist your company in dealing with any existing and prevent potential environmental problems.

Efficiency and professionalism are the most important criteria for evaluating our work with clients. An early request to GRATA for professional legal assistance regarding environmental law issues will save you money and time and will protect your business’ reputation.

Leila Makhmetova

Counsel, Director of Environmental Law Department