GRATA International Took Part in the Samara Legal Run


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RBL Lawyer's Office, an associated office of GRATA International in Samara, has been a co-organiser and direct participant of Samara Legal Run for the third consecutive year.

5,000 lawyers from over 50 cities and 12 countries took part in the International Charity Run.

During 20-27 May 2017, about 5,000 lawyers and their friends from more than 50 cities and 12 countries of the world ran their Legal Run 2017, a unique fundraising project that since 2014 brings together representatives of the professional lawyers community from all over the world to support the charity fund 'Podari Zhizn' and several regional funds.

In 2017, the Legal Run project was able to collect a record amount - over 5 mln roubles: 4.5 mln roubles went to the fund 'Podari Zhizn' for the treatment and complex operations of 14 children, 350 thousand roubles were collected by lawyers in Yekaterinburg for a regional charity fund 'Children of Russia', 150 thousand roubles - by lawyers of the Tomsk Legal Run for the Tomsk Children's Fund after Alyona Petrova, and 150 thousand roubles - by lawyers of Volga Legal Run for the Nizhny Novgorod Cancer Research Centre.