GRATA representative spoke at the MINEX Eurasia Forum 2014 with presentation on Kazakhstan New Economic Policy NURLY ZHOL

On 1 December 2014 the 3rd annual Eurasian mining conference  was heldin London ”Mining in Russia and Central Asia: Openings for smart Mining and Money”.



The conference finished series of events organized in Russia, Kazakhstan and China in 2014 by the MINEX forum.

The forum objectives: supporting and investing of the mining in Russia and Central Asia.

The conference was held at Simmons & Simmons international law firm and followed by networking lunch until.

The forum was attended by representatives of following large companies:Silver Bear Resources; Auriant Mining AB; Bryanston Resources AG; ERM UK; GoldBridges Global Resources Plc and others.

The Forum was attended by Samir Hadjiev, head of GRATA Azerbaijan office and Aliya Aralbayeva – Counsel, Director of GRATA Representative office in London.

Aliya Aralbayeva made presentation about recent announcement of President of Kazakhstan on New Economic Policy NURLY ZHOL

The New Economic Policy is an action plan which defines specific measures aimed at stimulating the economy and is of great importance for local and international businesses operating in the country.

NURLY ZHOL Policy focuses on major development projects in road construction, industrial, energy and marine infrastructure, EXPO-2017 as well as social, housing and utilities infrastructure. Government of Kazakhstan proposes to invest in these projects more than USD 9bln in 2015-2017. 

Should you wish to receive more information about New Economic Policy NURLY ZHOL and Government new strategy please contact aaralbayeva@gratanet.com, tel +44 (0)79 49 288 456. We would be happy to address your questions.