Atyrau Health, Safety, and Environment Roundtable with GRATA Law Firm

On February 3rd, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan held a Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Roundtable in the offices of Fluor Kazakhstan, in Atyrau. The Roundtable was led by GRATA Law Firm LLP, represented by Leila Makhmetova, counsel and Director of the Environmental Law Department, and Zaira Kaysar, lawyer and Deputy Branch Director. They gave a presentation on dispute resolution for industrial safety and environmental protection in Kazakhstan, looking in particular at recent applications of material and procedural law.

The Roundtable was largely attended by representatives of the oil and gas sphere who discussed a number of issues with the presenter. The presentation largely focused on different types of disputes: disputes related to the revocation of positive decisions of state environmental examinations (SEE), the suspension and withdrawal of emissions permits, the allocation of liability for the validation of project documentation submitted for SEE, compensation for environmental damage, the results of appeals against refusal to issue emission permits, and the suspension of companies’ operations. Additionally, the presentation addressed legal loopholes, conflicts, and the application of environmental protection law in practice.

Issues concerning environmental legislation are of particular interest to members, who used the opportunity to discuss various questions and uncertainties with Leila Makhmetova, an expert in this field of law. AmCham will continue to organize relevant roundtables in Atyrau on topics of especial interest to member companies in the Caspian region. 

Zaira Kaysar

Partner, Branch Director in Atyrau and Aktobe

Leila Makhmetova

Counsel, Director of Environmental Law Department