Black Sea and Caspian Conference


On 20th of February GRATAs Managing Partner Rashid Gaissin and Aliya Aralbayeva, counsel attended the Black Sea & Caspian 2014 Conference at the Royal Auto-mobile Club in London.

The Conference aimed to explore current developments in onshore and off shore exploration and production in the region.

Rashid Gaissin gave a speech addressing topics such as Local Content issues as well as developments in subsoil and licensing law applicable to the industry.  Rashid’s speech prompted an enthusiastic questions and answers session afterwards, which was noteworthy for the time it lasted and the number of questions asked.

Participants expressed an interest in processing, gathering, storing and accessing geological data in the Caspian states, taking into account the experience of the UK and the Netherlands. This topic is relevant to Kazakhstan in the light of the government's plans for the development of geology issues in Kazakhstan.