The Parliament of Belarus (House of Representatives) adopted the bill “On Personal Data”, first in Belarus, in the first reading

The Parliament’s work on the bill has been performed since last year. It is very difficult to overestimate its significance since it is the first unified normative legal act in the history of Belarus that will comprehensively ensure the security of information in our country, promote business development, trade and economic relations of the Republic of Belarus with other states.

The bill proposed for parliamentarians is aimed to protect the rights and freedoms of individuals when processing their personal data, to define the general concept and category of personal data, principles, and conditions of working with them, but it will also affect the interests of both private companies and public structures.

According to this bill:

  • such terms as “personal data”, “personal data subject”, “personal data owner”, “processing of personal data”, etc., are introduced;
  • general and other requirements for collection, processing, dissemination and provision of personal data, rights personal data owners, obligations of operators, including protection of personal information of citizens, are determined;
  • the prerequisite for performance of any actions with personal data will be obtaining a free, specific and informed consent of the personal data owner to its processing; 
  • the list of circumstances when the collection, processing, distribution, and provision of personal data can be made without the citizen’s consent is established;
  • it is planned to determine the opportunity to express the consent to processing of data in the electronic form;
  • liability for violation of the law on personal data is provided for.
It is planned that the main provisions of the Law will become effective one year after its official publication due to the novelty of the comprehensive legal regulating of public relations in the field of personal data protection.