Partner of Grata International was elected as an independent member of the Board of Directors of Centerra Gold Inc.

Partner of Grata International, Head of Banking & Finance Practice in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan offices Nurlan Kyshtobaev was elected on 17 May 2016 by the shareholders of the company as an independent member of the company’s Board of Directors. 

Nurlan Kyshtobaev was nominated as a board member by the major shareholder of the company JSC “Kyrgyzaltyn”, owning 32,7%.

Centerra is a Canadian-based gold mining company focused on operating, developing, exploring and acquiring gold properties in Asia, North America and other markets worldwide. Centerra is the largest Western-based gold producer in Central Asia. Centerra’s shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol CG. The Company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Link to the company’s news release: http://www.centerragold.com/sites/default/files/news-releases/nr-cg-20160517.pdf


Nurlan Kyshtobaev

Partner, Head of Banking & Finance Practice in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan offices