Mirzaaziz Ruziev graduated from Durham University (United Kingdom), 2003.

Mr Ruziev has an extensive experience advising local and international banks on cross-border lending, public debt & equity issuances and other financial products in Uzbekistan. His clients also include multinational agencies and companies like IFC, EBRD, ADB, Morgan Stanley and others.

Recent Experience:

  • Assisting the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) in debt recovery transaction involving an Uzbek LLC. Advising on the structure of proposed recovery, negotiating the deal with the prospective buyer of Uzbek debt on EBRD and OFID’s behalf and coordination of closing arrangements;  
  • Representing interests of a German investment bank in trade financing transaction with the JSC Uzbek Leasing International. Advising on the structure, assistance with reviewing German law governed documents, supervising collection of local law CP documents and issuing capacity and enforceability legal opinion;
  • Advising a consortium of major foreign lenders on matters of Uzbek law in connection with a cross-border sovereign aircraft financing;
  • Advising a global financial services firm on derivatives and financial products operations with local bank;
  • Advising a major Chinese state financial institution in financing the large-scale oil and gas pipeline project worth US $3.5 billion;
  • Advising a local company on receiving an Islamic Development Bank’s loan under Mubaraha mode;
  • Advising IFC in relation to financing a major Uzbekistani furniture manufacturing holding company;
  • Advising ADB in relation to financing Road Construction projects in Uzbekistan;
  • Advising on the financing scheme for Consortium of South Asian multinational companies on construction of gas chemical complex at Ustyurt region for processing of hydrocarbons;
  • Advising Major Japanese corporation on supply and construction of road construction machinery and equipment;
  • Assistance in registration and start-up of a new private bank;
  • Advising Consortium of Indonesian and Malaysian corporations on financial operations;
  • Advising EBRD on providing loan facilities to several local consumer goods and constructions goods manufacturers;
  • Advising many Chinese and European financial institutions in relation to enforcing security in the form of Bank Guarantees, pledged real estate property and pledged share;
  • Advising a Consortium of Korean and Japanese telecommunications companies in relation to providing security to the National Bank of Uzbekistan for foreign economic activities in the form of share security.


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GRATA International acted as advisor to Telia Company

GRATA International Uzbekistan acted as advisor to Telia Company in connection with the transaction on selling its interest in Ucell.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution: Uzbekistan 2015

The judicial system of Uzbekistan belongs to a family of continental legal systems. It consists of specialised courts and is regulated by rules comprehensively codifi ed in written legislative documents, which are easily accessible to citizens and lawyers within and outside of Uzbekistan.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution: Uzbekistan

The judicial system of Uzbekistan belongs to a family of continental legal systems.

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