Yury Boldyrev is a Partner and Head of Tax Practice at Stepanov and Aksuk Law Firm.


Graduated from Rostov State University in 1999.

Professional activity:

Up to 2004, Yury was occupied in audit activities. Since 2004 he has been involved in a professional legal practice in tax consulting. From 2007 Yury was a Partner in Aksuk and Partners Law Company. In 2014 Aksuk and Partners merged with Eberg, Stepanov and Partners. After the merger, Yury became a Partner and the Head of Tax Practice at Stepanov and Aksuk Law Firm.


  • Tax Law

Areas of legal practice:

  • Tax consulting of ship-owners;

  • Taxation of foreign companies;

  • Assistance in tax disputes;

  • Structuring of transactions with respect to the tax consequences;

  • Tax audit;

  • Tax consulting which includes:

  • Business restructuring to reduce tax risks while maintaining the level of the tax burden;

  • Consulting Directors on the personal liability for the tax debts of companies.


  • Consultative support of tax audits for the manufacturing and transportation companies;
  • Legal support of the pre-trial disputes in arbitrations to the Housing and Utility Infrastructure enterprises and major construction companies;
  • Deal structuring regarding the balanced proportion of legal risks and the sum of tax consequences;
  • Structuring transactions while taking into account the optimal balance of risks and the size of tax consequences;
  • Advising shipping companies on the use of tax benefits while registering the vessels in the Russian international register of vessels;
  • Advising on business restructuring (especially foreign companies) regarding the requirements of the taxation laws about the profit taxation of the controlled foreign companies;
  • Advising directors on their personal responsibility on tax debts of companies;
  • Providing support to manufacturing enterprises during the change of a Director with the minimisation of personal tax risks of a new Director.

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