• License to practice law issued by the Ministry of Justice of the RK No. 0003781 dated 02 July 2010.
  • Law degree: on 06 July 2002 graduated with honours from A. Baitursynov Kostanay State University, major - jurisprudence, qualification – lawyer.
  • Economics degree (diploma of Chelyabinsk State University with major in “banking and finance” from faculty of economics dated 2010).

Practice areas:

  • Contract law.
  • Real estate.
  • Corporate law.
  • Dispute resolution.
  • Labour law.
Work experience: 

  • Attorney of Kostanay Regional Bar Association of Legal Consultancy No. 2 of Kostanay city.
  • Up to the present day (since 2011) provide legal support to Taxi Narodnoye (People's Taxi).
  • Up to the present day (since February 2007) provide legal support to Tvoy Shans (Your Chance) LLP.
  • Up to the present day (since April 2006) consult office of Kostanay regional weekly newspaper “Nasha Gazeta” (“Our Newspaper”).
  • From August to December 2014 provision of legal support to DEP LLP.
  • From February 2011 to July 2014 provided legal support to “Kostanay City Park of Culture and Recreation” Municipal State Enterprise of akimat (administration) of Kostanay city.
  • From April 2009 to April 2011 – provision of legal services to “Association of Facilitation of Entrepreneurial Activity in Kostanay Region” Association of Legal Entities.
  • From 15 May 2007 was elected as a chairman of “Taxpayers Union of Kostanay Region” Public Association (from June 2007 to March 2008 – leader of the project).
  • Since January 2007 represent interests of various principals on primarily legal issues (registered as individual entrepreneur from 12.01.2007 to 17.07.2014, deregistration on 19.08.2014).
  • From 05 January 2005 to 31.03.2006 – head of the legal department in Legion-Alpha LLP.
  • From 22 October 2002 till 31.12.2004 chief specialist–lawyer in “Department of Municipal Property and Public Procurement of Kostanay Region” State Institution.
  • From 12 July to 14 October 2002 lawyer in Bureau of Technical Inventory “Tulpar” LLP.
  • From 1999 to 2002 – in “Brief” Agency of Social Research and in Society of Consumer Rights Protection.   

  • Representation in court (in city court, specialized inter-district economic court, specialised administrative court, regional court, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan).
  • Preparation of documents to the International Commercial Arbitration Court for RCC; magistrate judge and arbitration courts of Russia.
  • Registration of inheritance; obtaining of licenses, registration of trademarks.
  • Registration of deals without a notary and preliminary deals.
  • Registration of rights for immovable and movable property, land plots.
  • Registration, re-registration and liquidation of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, peasant households;.
  • Preparation of decrees of akimat (administration), decisions of akim (mayor) and maslikhat (local representative body).
  • Processing of regional and sectorial programmes;.
  • Preparation of tender documentation; work with public procurement.
  • Maintenance of accounting and tax records under special regime and under standard regime (1С).
  • Development of the project for winning the grant, providing reports.
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