• Graduated from İstanbul University Faculty of Law in 1994,
  • Master of Law degree (LLM) at İstanbul University Faculty of Law, Department of Private Law. Thesis was "The Scope of Insurer’s Liability in case of a General Average".
  • He is a certified mediator.


  • Construction & Real Estate Law
  • Commercial & Corporate Law
  • Litigation and Enforcement Law
  • Contracts Law
  • Banking & Finance Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Energy Market
  • Zoning Law
  • Labor Law

Professional Background:
Having received his attorney's license in 1995, and begun his law career registered by the İstanbul Bar Association, Alper Işıkal gained experience as Attorney at Law and Legal Affairs Manager in various domestic and international institutions, and established Işıkal Law Office with the aim of offering his experience and know-how to his clients' service in a broader sense and within an institutional framework.

  • Alper Işıkal, as being an Att. at Law, began his career in 1995, in Yenal Law Office. Till the end of 2000, he followed up many lawsuits and debt enforcement claims. Within the same period, he also worked as the legal advisor for 3M Turkey. He especially provided advice regarding the distributorship agreements for 3M, and he finalized the acquisition phase for the land on which the 3M Çerkezköy facilities were established.
  • In 2000, he started to work as a legal advisor in McDonalds Turkey. During his term of service, he directly managed the lease agreements, franchise agreements and ownership management of nearly 200 restaurants, and followed up and finalized processes such as planning of the sale of McDonald’s Corporation’s McDonald’s Turkey master franchise agreement to Anadolu Group.
  • In 2005, he became the legal affairs director for the Multi Turkmall company, established as a partnership of Turkmall and Multi Corporation, reporting to the Board of Directors, he managed and coordinated this legal department of 10 advisors, as well as many local and foreign law offices. Especially:
    • He finalized the land acquisition process for the Forum Bornova Shopping Center, and sale of this project to CGI,
    • He finalized the land acquisition process for the Forum Mersin Shopping Center, and sale of this project to DIFA (Union Investment). He negotiated and finalized the partnership agreement and the other agreements of this project with DIFA.
    • He finalized the land acquisition process for the Forum İstanbul Shopping Center, and the project financing agreement for the financing provided by the Euro Hypo.
    • He finalized the land acquisition process for the Forum Marmara Shopping Center with the Apollo and Carrefour Group, as well as the partnership agreements between the Apollo Group and the Multi Turkmall Group, and the project financing agreement with the Euro Hypo Bank.
    • He finalized the tender process for the Forum Kayseri project with the Municipality, as well as the realization of the project and sale of the same to Union Investment.
    • He finalized the land acquisition process for the Forum Ankara Project from the Tepe Group, as well as the project financing agreement with Euro Hypo Bank.
    • He finalized the land acquisition process for the Forum Trabzon shopping center land, as well as sale of 50% of the project to the Meinl Group and the partnership agreement between the Meinl Group and the Multi Group.
    • He finalized the acquisition of the land for the Forum Tern shopping center by a tender opened by the General Directorate of National Estate, and sale of the project to the Meinl Group (Austrian Company).
    • In 2008, he held the legal representation of the Multi Turkiye Fund, a real-estate fund, in the processes for the establishment of the fund and sale of part of its shares to CPP, which is a pension fund.
  • In addition to the abovementioned projects, he finalized the land acquisition processes for the Forum Çamlık (Aydin), Forum Aydin, Forum Antep and Forum Kapadokya projects, as well as finalized the leasing agreements, all construction agreements and architecture agreements, established the project companies needed for each project, and managed the general assembly and board of directors activities, and the related agreements necessary for the realization and commercialization of over 10 real estate projects.
  • While realizing the legal processes within the real estate development process, he also provided legal service to the companies that perform the center management services and asset management services of the above projects, and managed up more than 2000 execution files.
  • He worked as the legal affairs director of the Turkmall Group companies between 2010 and 2013. Within this time period, he structured the internal legal departments of the Turkmall Group companies, and finalized, executed and followed up the land acquisition processes, construction agreements, architecture agreements, leasing agreements, Project Financing agreements with Yapı Kredi Bank, and all necessary guarantee agreements for the Bulvar Samsun, Novada Soke and Ayazaga Unique Projects.
  • He managed Private Equity agreements with private funds, as well as legal affairs of several legal bodies.
  • He represented the Turkmall Group companies before international investors and partners, for the legal affairs related to real estate projects in Libya (Tripoli), Georgia (Tbilisi), Russia (Yaroslavl), China (Shenyang) and Kazakhstan (Almaty).
  • He represented the Turkmall Group companies in international arbitration courts and international lawsuits, in coordination with local law offices.

Alper Işıkal, Att. at Law, took part in the establishment of the Shopping Center Investors' Association, and served in the Board of Directors of the Association. He is a member of the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA).

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Isikal law office and GRATA International are increasing cooperation

The representatives Isikal Law Office, associated office of GRATA International in Turkey,  Alper Isikal and Caner Durgut, have arrived Kazakhstan and visited the Almaty office of GRATA International. 

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