The Technology, Media and Telecommunications Review in Kazakhstan


Development in the ICT sector is one of the top priorities of the Kazakh government.

The main legislative acts regulating ICT activity in Kazakhstan are the following: 
- the Law on Communications No. 567-II, dated 5 July 2004 (the Communications Law); 
- the Law on Mass Media No. 451-I, dated 23 July 1999 (the Mass Media Law); 
- the Law on Information Technologies No. 217-III, dated 11 January 2007; 
- the Law on TV and Radio Broadcasting No. 545-IV, dated 18 January 2012 (the TV and Radio Broadcasting Law); 
- the Rules on Provision of Communication Services approved by Government Resolution No. 1718, dated 30 December 2011; and the Law on Licensing No. 214-III dated 11 January 2007 (the Licensing Law).

Regulations in the ICT area in Kazakhstan covers telecommunications, radio and TV broadcasting, IT, internet communication and mass media.

The current growth of ICT activity in Kazakhstan is a result of the adoption and implementation of the following government policies: 
- the Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy ‘A path for the young generation’; 
- the programme of forced industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan for 2010–2014.

- the National Programme for the Development of Digital TV-Radio-Broadcasting 
in Kazakhstan for 2008–2015 approved by Government Resolution No. 1355 dated 29 December 2007.

- the national ‘Informational Kazakhstan 2020’ programme approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 464 dated 8 January 2013.

A more detailed outline of these policies and trends in ICT sector is provided in Section VI, infra.


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Yerzhan Yessimkhanov - partner, Kuben Abzhanov - senior lawyer and Assem Tnalina - lawyer at Grata Law Firm.

Yerzhan Yessimkhanov

Partner, Head of Telecommunication & Transport, Construction & Infrastructure Department