Uzbekistan: Islamic Finance & Markets

With its population o f 30 million and traditional Islamic roots Uzbekistan is probably one o f the most promising markets for Islamic financing in Central Asia.  

But it is fair to say that until recently the banking and financial services sector and business in Uzbekistan have had limited exposure to and understanding o f Islamic finance. Despite the active presence of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and investment, albeit limited in scope, from Islamic countries and investment institutions, Uzbekistan has not adopted a level playing field approach towards Islamic finance.

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Atabek Sharipov and Nodir Yuldashev

Grata International

First published on Getting The Deal Through, 2016 

Atabek Sharipov

Partner, Head of Turkmenistan Practice, Head of Banking & Secured Transactions in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan

Nodir Yuldashev

Partner, Construction, Telecommunications, Transport, Tax and Litigation

Dilorom Yuldasheva

Senior Associate