Common market of medicines in the Eurasian Economic Union: launching

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The decisions of the Eurasian Economic Union Commission (EEC) came into effect on 26 April 2017, in particular, those approving the Nomenclature of Dosage Forms, Rules for Maintaining the Nomenclature of Medical Products, Rules for Determining the Category of Medicines Sold with and without a Prescription, and Rules for Monitoring the Safety, Quality and Efficiency of Medical Products.

In addition, on 6 May 2017 the principle acts of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) that regulating the functioning of common markets for medicines and medical products in the EEU came into force, including the Rules for Registration and Examination of Medicines for Medical Use, EEU Good Laboratory Practice Rules in the area of Medicines Circulation and EEU Good Clinical Practice Rules. 

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