Privacy Policy

GRATA Law Firm would like to assure visitors to its website that we take every care to ensure your privacy.

By using the GRATA website you thereby signify your agreement with our Privacy Policy.

We do not keep information that is of a personal nature or which can lead to identification of an individual unless you should expressly give us this information via email or feedback form, found on many of the pages of the site.

Any information we collect, if necessary, may be sent to other offices of GRATA.

We will not distribute, rent or sell any personal information entrusted to us to outside parties except those which perform services for us on your behalf. Furthermore any information transmitted to us in the course of an application for a job at GRATA, will not be distributed in any way apart from when transmitted to parties performing service for us on your behalf.

However we cannot exclude the possibility that we are forced to transmit personal information for the purposes of responding to a legal process or at the request of the police and law enforcement bodies.

Any questions you might have about GRATA’s Privacy Policy and the way it is carried out, should be address to us by emai:

If you wish to discontinue or ‘opt out’ of the use of your personal data by GRATA Law Firm, or to change the use to which any such data can be put, or to unsubscribe from any Newsletter or promotional materials, please contact us by email: