On 3 September 2015, GRATA International has signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Co-operation with one of the leading law firms in the Czech Republic - Arzinger & Partners. The new associated office in the Czech Republic is another proof that GRATA International is every day getting closer to its goal of creating a global network of law firms. In addition, this is an effective opportunity for clients of GRATA International to get qualified legal support in the Czech Republic. 

Arzinger & Partners Brief Profile:

Arzinger & Partners Law Office was established in late 2004 as a part of the international network of Arzinger & Partners in the Czech Republic. Currently, the Law Office provides for legal services in areas such as: commercial law, civil law, real estate, labour law, investments law, litigation, criminal law, etc. For further details please visit the firm’s web site: www.arzinger.cz

Jakub Svoboda, Founding and Managing Partner, Arzinger & Partners:

“We  are  excited  to  announce  our  association  with  the  network of  law  firms  GRATA  International. We  believe,  it is  in  the  first  place a great  benefit  for  clients of  both  our  firms. Establishing this remarkable relation is a strong step in gradual progress of our law firm and represents significant enlargement of our international activities. It  is  our  pride  to  become  the  associated  partner  of GRATA  in  the  very  heart  of  Europe”.


Dušní 8/11, Praha 1, Czech Republic

+420 222 320 153


  • Dispute resolution
  • Commercial law
  • Civil law
  • Real estates
  • Labour law
  • Public bids
  • Investment building enterprises
  • Criminal law
  • Foreigner’s residence
  • Security deposits 
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